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Hannibal, the novel:

"I like the smell of that liniment, it smells cool and lemony," Dr Lecter said. "Thank you for coming, Margot."

"That’s exactly what you said to me when the matron brought me into your office the first day. When they were doing pre-sentencing on Mason the first time."

"Is that what I said?"

Having just returned from the memory palace where he read over his interviews with Margot, he knew it to be so.

"Yes. I was crying, dreading to tell you about Mason and me. I was dreading having to sit down too. But you never asked me to sit - you knew I had stitches, didn’t you? We walked in the garden. Do you remember what you told me?"

"You were no more at fault for what happened to you- "

"-than if I had been bitten on the behind by a mad dog’ was what you said. You made it easy for me then, and the other visits too, and I appreciated it for a while.”


Having Margot there is awesome! :) I really missed her in Hannibal, the movie.

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